🥇 Drones insurance Switzerland: do I have to insure my drone?

Drones and quadrocopters are becoming more and more popular and numerous in Switzerland . The cheaper technology and the growing range of different models mean that every Swiss can now afford their own multicopter. Anyone who has bought a drone and wants to get into the hobby of drone flying, e.g. to film the beautiful mountains of Switzerland, is warmly advised to find out about the legal situation and the statutory provisions beforehand: A drone must be insured for example compulsory in Switzerland!

In recent years, Switzerland has reacted to the growing number of privately flown drones and even passed a new law: The aim of this new legislation was to ensure the safety of all citizens. One point that was also of primary importance to Switzerland as part of the redefinition of legal provisions : the security of the airspace . Due to the drones flying higher and higher, there are always incidents and sightings of copters in the airspace that is actually closed to drones near airports or military restricted areas.

Legal regulations for drone flights in Switzerland

Let's take a closer look at the legal provisions and requirements private drone pilots in Switzerland should be aware of in any case if they don't want to take any risks and let their drone fly safely and legally.

On August 1, 2014, Switzerland changed its statutory provisions in its DETEC ordinance on aircraft of special categories (VLK for short) and thus clearly stipulated which drones may fly how, when and where. The reason for this tightening of the legal regulations were numerous incidents in which journalists and photographers let their drones fly over large crowds of people in downtown Zurich.

Liability insurance for the drone is mandatory

Without a permit, the owners of drones are no longer permitted to fly a drone that weighs more than 500 grams outdoors over crowds of people . It does not matter whether it is a highly frequented inner city area or an officially registered major event. If you want to fly your multicopter for special operations in such settings, you have to submit an application and meet special requirements (Article 17, Paragraph 2 VLK) . Proof of taking out liability insurance for the drone must also be provided (inexpensive and good provider here ) !

Frequently asked: Can you fly over crowds of people with particularly small copters, such as standard quadrocopters like the DJI Phantom? Here, too, the legal provision is clear and unambiguous: Flying over people is permitted provided the weight of the drone is less than 500 grams . Otherwise a generous distance of at least 100 meters from the groups of people must be maintained.

In Switzerland, you must always fly with visual contact

Unlike in other European countries, drones in Switzerland are still allowed to fly over open terrain without a permit , provided they do not exceed the maximum permissible weight of 30 kilograms (Article 14 VLK) . The pilots of the drones must be able to guarantee that there is constant visual contact with the copter. If this is not the case, for example because the pilot is using video goggles and flies in FPV mode, a second pilot must be present for backup who can intervene in the flight maneuver at any time in an emergency. If an intervention is possible at any time, autonomous flights by drones are also generally permitted in Switzerland.

No separation between private and commercial use in Switzerland

While other countries make a meticulous distinction between the commercial and private use of drones and quadrocopters, the rules and regulations on this subject in Switzerland are quite simple and straightforward: pilots in Switzerland do not require any further authorization for their flight object for commercial flights either ( Article 5 VLK) . This regulation keeps the bureaucratic effort for the owners of drones low.

Of course, there are also special regulations and flight bans in special places in Switzerland. You should get detailed information about this, as the violation can have legal consequences for the pilot.

The VLK stipulates that a generous distance from military airfields and civil airports must be maintained: A distance of at least 5 kilometers must be maintained at all times during the flight maneuver with a drone or quadrocopter. Even beyond the 5 kilometer radius around airports, special caution still applies: If it is still the so-called CTR, i.e. the control zone of an airport , flying with a drone or quadrocopter is only possible up to a maximum height of 150 meters above Reason allowed.

Aerial photographs are permitted as long as personal rights are preserved

Most drone and model flight pilots also use their flying objects to take recordings in the form of videos or photos from the air. Switzerland gives its citizens a free hand when it comes to aerial photos and videos . Other countries are much stricter. In Switzerland, recordings from the air are also permitted without a permit . But: Of course, every driver of a drone must protect the personal rights and copyrights of third parties as part of his recording activities.

Important for Switzerland: The rules and statutory provisions mentioned may be supplemented by further restrictions in the individual cantons and communes . In case of doubt, every pilot should inform himself about the local and regional regulations before flying his drone, which must also be observed in addition to the generally applicable legal regulations.

Benötigt man in der Schweiz eine Drohnen Plakette ?

Eine Drohnen Plakette, wie sie in Deutschland Pflicht ist, ist in der Schweiz nicht gesetzlich vorgeschrieben. Daher muss nicht zwingend eine Plakette an der Drohne angebracht werden. Wer jedoch auch in Deutschland oder in Nachbarländern fliegen möchte, der kann ein Drohnen Kennzeichen bequem bei Schilder Schreiber online bestellen.

In Switzerland, your drone must be insured against liability

In Switzerland, drone insurance is compulsory. This is important to know for all pilots, regardless of the purpose and where they are flying. The compulsory drone insurance was even stipulated clearly and unequivocally in Switzerland in 1983 in the so-called “Operation of model aircraft over public land” . It says: "Anyone who uses [...] aircraft must be adequately insured against any liability claims and be able to identify themselves through this insurance cover." This means that everyone must have their quadrocopter or drone insured in Switzerland.

Today, current provisions go even further: who can fly a drone that exceeds the weight of 500 grams, which is required to keep the confirmation of a completed drones insurance for any time of the flight with them. The guarantee or coverage of such insurance for drones must have been taken out for at least 1 million Swiss francs (Article 20, paragraph 1, VLK) .

What is the easiest way to get my drone insured?

Getting your drone insured and taking out drone insurance does not involve much effort for the pilots. There are already numerous professional providers such as Mobiliar or AXA Winterthur who sell their insurance offers over the Internet: A particularly affordable provider that offers variable insurance offers at low prices that also meet all Swiss requirements and regulations versichertedrohne.de . With this provider, you can take out cheap drone insurance for Switzerland quickly and easily in just a few minutes . The good thing: The insurer places great value on speed and customer satisfaction . In other words, insurance cover for the drones and quadrocopters is guaranteed and valid after just a few clicks: You can start flying with the drone immediately.

versichertedrohne.de is a cheap drone insurance for Switzerland

The tariffs of the drone insurance are affordable for everyone, starting from under 70 CHF for the cheapest liability tariff . If you consider that the purchase price of the new models from the drone manufacturers DJI or Yuneec is still in the four-digit range, the amount to insure a drone is only a small amount per year.

The provider versichertedrohne.de is an insurer with which many drone and model airplane pilots from different countries have had extremely good experiences. Not only the service and advice are excellent, but in the event of damage, you can rely on fast, competent help and the associated fast settlement of potential damage. And that's exactly what matters!

Of course, Swiss drone owners can also take out such insurance on the officially German website versichertedrohne.de : With very few exceptions, insurance cover is international, ie even possible worldwide (exceptions are for example territories of the USA and Canada) . The insurance cover is therefore also unrestricted for the regions of Switzerland.

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A drone liability insurance protects you from high costs in the event of damage

Many owners of drones ask themselves: Why should you have insurance for your own drone? Anyone who briefly researches accidents and incidents with drones can answer this question quickly and easily: Often, only a gust of wind or the failure of a small technical component is enough to bring the drone into an uncontrolled flight or, in the worst case, even to crash . If an object is nearby, damage can quickly result.

The whole thing can turn out even worse if one or more people are in the immediate vicinity: If they are hit by the drones or quadrocopters, which usually weigh between 2 and 5 kilograms, the injuries are often serious . There are even known cases in which people have retained consequential damage or have even become incapacitated.

If such a horror scenario occurs, the damage can usually no longer be settled with one's own assets. If you don't want to get into debt for the rest of your life, you have to take out cheap drone liability insurance for your own safety and that of others, so you are on the safe side at all times.

Even minor damage to property can quickly lead to considerable sums of damage: A broken windshield of a car or damage to the paintwork that requires repainting or even the replacement of a part of the body are more expensive in high-quality automobiles than you might think: 2000-5000 euros can quickly come together. Here, too, every drone pilot who has insured his drone is covered - and that for only a small amount per year, which should be worth his hobby to everyone.

Private liability insurance rarely pays

“I already have private liability insurance,” thinks newbies and those who have not dealt sufficiently with the terms and conditions of their liability insurance. If you look closely or ask your liability insurer, you will quickly receive the information that private liability insurances will not cover any damage caused by drones and other aircraft . The pilots are then left with the cost of the damage, unless they have thought of having their drone adequately insured.

By the way: If you want to insure yourself against the loss and damage of your own drone, there are also good, well-known drone and model flight insurers such as Mobiliar or AXA Winterthur with versichertedrohne.de . Above all, a fully comprehensive drone insurance makes sense if you own a drone that is expensive to purchase and has high-quality technology.

The regularly legally required drone insurance is only a special form of liability insurance , ie only property and personal damage that does not affect you are covered. The comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, also replaces your own property damage reliably and quickly.

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